Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy Horse Volksmarch Event

Just a reminder the Crazy Horse event is this weekend...

Makoshika State Park

Here is a link to the makoshika state park near glendive...
I didnt have time to hike around much, but had some trails that looked good....

The Secret Lives of Bees...

Not to do with walking/hiking i know, but interesting just the same...These pictures sent by a local woman are...amazing!

she heard a buzzing noise one day and found THIS in her tree...apparently, its the queen bees fault for wandering outside of the hive...and all the worker bees then followed...a local beekeeper was able to rescue the bees after 2 attempts...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poker Jims Lookout

Shakespear in the park will be performing here July 4th at is the link for more information...

Blacks Pond

Blacks Pond Picnic Area is located on the Custer National Forest in the Custer National Forest. It is in the middle of a watchable wildlife route and the pond itself is home to several different species of wildlife.

There are two campsites with a handicapped accessible toilet. No fee required. No water available. Fish and Game stock this pond with rainbow trout. We were not fortunate enough to have caught any but they did seem to enjoy our Blacks Pond is located 17 miles south of Ashland. From Ashland, travel east 0.75 miles to the Birney turnoff (Tongue River Road). Travel 8 miles south to the O'Dell Creek turnoff. Turn east and travel 7 miles to the intersection of Forest Road #4021 and Forest Road # 4131 then turn right onto #4021 and travel 0.5 miles to Blacks Pond.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top of Nisley's Butte

google maps pedometer

Thought you guys might be interested in this website. It is a great way to see how far you have walked. I tried to use it for Nisley's Butte, but I have better luck w/street signs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mickelson Marathon

According to the events list from the black hills volkssport club it appears they havent scheduled a marathon for this fall...but i was thinking...maybe we could plan our own marathon using the same part of the mickelson trail as we walked last fall...pretty sure we could find a shuttle service to shuttle us up to the same trailhead...and that we could find someone to drive a vehical ahead of us to each trailhead with a cooler/snacks as they did last year...i dunno, just an idea...does anyone have an interest in this?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nisley Butte

i called and got permission to hike nisley butte today...was thinking friday at 3...i know this time wont work for many ppl but am hoping some can and others will be able to do it next time...i also thought about sunday (mothers day, i know) the afternoon perhaps...its suppose to rain starting tomorrow so alot will depend on the me if you are interested...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Custer National Forest

i stopped at the ashland office and picked up a map of the custer national forest...chatted with the gal there...there are 2 places to rent

...the lookout tower at diamond butte

...and some cabins located at whitetail

poker jim is a lookout tower and is manned during the summer months...and they DO have shakespeare in the park there beginning of july!

the lady suggested whitetail being the most interesting for hiking around...has a picnic area so maybe we can plan a dayhike there...or even overnight if someone is take a look and please post your comments/ideas...lets see if this thing will work...kay?


i purchased a backpack this weekend at big bear in billings...its a kelty coyote 4750...

i got home and looked it up and found it for 30$ cheaper (sighs) ...if anyone would like to check mine out let me know...could buy the cheaper one online if you like it (someone should!)

i also bought a sleeping pad by thermarest (on clearance yay!!!) looking around i see where they are on sale at REI...mine is the prolite series...i rememeber seeing the neoair in the backpackers magazine but didnt get the best rating here...but the one that did (basecamp) is on sale for $45...looks like a pretty good deal...but only until 5/10 so better hurry!

Black Hills Volkssport Events

here is the link to the black hills volkssport clubs can click on the event for more information...

i know some of you are interested in the crazy horse event

Area Hikes

if anyone has ideas about local hikes feel free to post them here...

Walking the trail in Broadus

if anyone is wanting to post about walking in town (times/days/etc) feel free to do so here....

Big Horn Mountain Trip

eureka!...i found a place that rents backpacking equipment in buffalo wy...

also spoke with a woman from sheridan who would be willing to take us on a guided trip in august...would this make it easier for some of you to consider doing this?

Montana Wilderness Association

here is an article about the montana wilderness association...if you read the article there is a blurb about a lady from miles city who leads an overnight trip into the badlands near terry...

"Karen Stevenson, who lives east of Miles City, will lead a walk into the Terry Badlands. She says she hopes to debunk the notion that eastern Montana contains no wilderness. "It is called the outback of Montana," she said. Stevenson has spent many, many days hiking and living in the wild lands of eastern Montana. "I am just thrilled to take people out into this country. It is spectacular country. Even though I have lived here all my life I am in awe of it," she said.
Stevenson said it is a privilege to lead the hike of 12 to 15 people, which will be moderately strenuous and will involve an overnight campout. The hike is 6 1/2 miles with a bit of an elevation gain.
"It is very arid and so you have to acclimate yourself to the heat and have plenty of water. And I figure as long as I have them out there we need to camp so they can experience night, which is part of the beauty of the badlands.
Some of the territory that hikers will see includes scenes photographed by Montana photographer Evelyn Cameron. Stevenson portrayed Cameron in a PBS documentary and then portrayed her in a one-woman show that traveled the state for six years.
"We will be going to the natural bridges," Stevenson said. "You can find places that virtually have not changed for at least a century. When we were filming the documentary, they found a glass plate negative of where Cameron took a photo. The only difference between then and now is a cedar fence post.
"It truly is like walking on the ocean floor with the exposed sandstone. You see layers of the ocean deposits. You walk through geologic history.
"There are some pockets of knockdown gorgeous (in eastern Montana) and then there is the sky..." Stevenson said.

since its 6.5 miles maybe she would give a guided "day" hike...would anyone be interested in doing this?

to view the whole article here is the link...

here is the link to the webpage for the montana wilderness association...they have hikes all over montana...whats neat is they are done by ppl who have a vested interest in the area in which they hike...and as far as i can tell its free...might have to become a member im not sure ($50)...ill check into it and get back to you later...