Monday, May 4, 2009


i purchased a backpack this weekend at big bear in billings...its a kelty coyote 4750...

i got home and looked it up and found it for 30$ cheaper (sighs) ...if anyone would like to check mine out let me know...could buy the cheaper one online if you like it (someone should!)

i also bought a sleeping pad by thermarest (on clearance yay!!!) looking around i see where they are on sale at REI...mine is the prolite series...i rememeber seeing the neoair in the backpackers magazine but didnt get the best rating here...but the one that did (basecamp) is on sale for $45...looks like a pretty good deal...but only until 5/10 so better hurry!


  1. My guide last summer recommended Kelty backpacks - that is what we used at Glacier. My daughter bought one at Scheels a few weeks ago as well.

  2. im wondering what kind of sleeping bag you have looking around for one and the selection is a bit overwhelming...i found a kelty...
    looks like a pretty good deal...and will be color coordinated with my pack...i mean,hey!...girls gotta match dont we?

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  4. I believe mine is a Northface - I went to BaseCamp on Grand in Billings. It was pretty neat cause they have a cot and you can figure out what fits you and so forth. Truthfully, I don't think I would want to buy one w/o trying it out. I don't like the real mummy types even though they are better for cold weather. I'll try to look up the rating on mine and see what it is. Down is better than synthetic, but I did go the synthetic route - it is much cheaper. Mine has a zipper in the top as well as the feet so if it is hot, I can let my feet hang out, if it is cold, then zip up as well as zip the top up without feeling trapped like a "mummy"

  5. ya..this one is a mummy bag...but has the bottom zipper for feet, a feature i liked...but the other zipper only unzips half ways to about your waist...a compaint amongst some who had purchased it...i think ill be a fair weather hiker...but think synthetic is lighter to carry too...i looked at a north face one..."cats meow"...nice bag with a funny!