Monday, May 4, 2009

Montana Wilderness Association

here is an article about the montana wilderness association...if you read the article there is a blurb about a lady from miles city who leads an overnight trip into the badlands near terry...

"Karen Stevenson, who lives east of Miles City, will lead a walk into the Terry Badlands. She says she hopes to debunk the notion that eastern Montana contains no wilderness. "It is called the outback of Montana," she said. Stevenson has spent many, many days hiking and living in the wild lands of eastern Montana. "I am just thrilled to take people out into this country. It is spectacular country. Even though I have lived here all my life I am in awe of it," she said.
Stevenson said it is a privilege to lead the hike of 12 to 15 people, which will be moderately strenuous and will involve an overnight campout. The hike is 6 1/2 miles with a bit of an elevation gain.
"It is very arid and so you have to acclimate yourself to the heat and have plenty of water. And I figure as long as I have them out there we need to camp so they can experience night, which is part of the beauty of the badlands.
Some of the territory that hikers will see includes scenes photographed by Montana photographer Evelyn Cameron. Stevenson portrayed Cameron in a PBS documentary and then portrayed her in a one-woman show that traveled the state for six years.
"We will be going to the natural bridges," Stevenson said. "You can find places that virtually have not changed for at least a century. When we were filming the documentary, they found a glass plate negative of where Cameron took a photo. The only difference between then and now is a cedar fence post.
"It truly is like walking on the ocean floor with the exposed sandstone. You see layers of the ocean deposits. You walk through geologic history.
"There are some pockets of knockdown gorgeous (in eastern Montana) and then there is the sky..." Stevenson said.

since its 6.5 miles maybe she would give a guided "day" hike...would anyone be interested in doing this?

to view the whole article here is the link...

here is the link to the webpage for the montana wilderness association...they have hikes all over montana...whats neat is they are done by ppl who have a vested interest in the area in which they hike...and as far as i can tell its free...might have to become a member im not sure ($50)...ill check into it and get back to you later...


  1. I don't think you have to join, but I have been planning to - they also have their new summer walk program listed as well.

  2. I think I will register for this one..........I am going to contact the gal anyway.

  3. i called and left a message she will do it as a dayhike for our group...wasnt sure if she had filled up her planned hike yet or not...if you hear anything please let me like to go too!: )

  4. if anyone is interested in this trip you can contact karen stevenson at

  5. here is the pdf.doc of the summer wilderness hikes for '09

    ....some really cool looking hikes...a few fairly local...chalk butte near ekalaka...hell creek area near caves near of my goals is to come up with a hike to be added to the list for next year...